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Welcome to Bowmanship!

We’re a small team of archer’s and bow hunter’s dedicated to bringing you (the viewer) the most up to date reviews as well as helpful guides for beginners. We hope to inform you, guide you, and sometimes¬†entertain you. Although we are geared toward helping beginner archers, we believe there is informative information for all levels of expertise. Below you can find out about the different sections of archery and bowhunting we cover. We’re constantly updating our site and adding new information for you guys. We can’t tell you how thankful we are for each and everyone of you.

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Compound Bow Reviews

Search through our reviews to find the best bow’s on the market today. We’ve taken all the guess work out of the equation so that you can easily decide which bows are crap and which goes on your rack. All of the bow brands we review are scrutinized to ensure a proper and fair review. We also try to take into consideration price point as well as the experience of the potential user.

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Archery Basics

Everyone has to start somewhere and if you are new to the sport of archery or bowhunting, you have come to the right place. We’ll give you all the tips and tricks to shoot like a veteran archer. If you don’t have a bow, our archery for beginners guides will help prepare and inform you so that you can start shooting right away. Learn the best technique so that when you practice your shots will be on the money each and every time.

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Crossbow Reviews

We painstakingly and personally review each of these crossbows to ensure when hunting season comes along you’re not left out in the cold. Instead, we want you to proudly display your new trophy buck that you were able to nab. That’s why we diligently analyze each crossbow so we can sort the winners from the losers. Not every bow is made the same, but you can rest assured if we have given it a raving review then it must be a crossbow worth checking out.

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Recurve Bows

Interested in recurve bows? We’ve got you covered! From production takedown recurve bows to custom built bowyer bows and everything in between. We want to help recurve enthusiast learn about their beloved bows. Ever wanted to go recurve bow hunting? If that something that is appealing to you we have an article dedicated to it. Or maybe you want to learn about the history of the recurve bow.. we got you covered there too. Want to shoot like Katniss? …we do too. (keep at it!)

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Ah, so I see your a traditionalist. We can appreciate the individuals who want to take it back to the primal ages. Shoot archer like your forefather’s did! Traditional archery puts the individual to the test and pushes the limit of your shooting prowess. It will take every bit of your skill, dedication, and knowledge to shoot well. I hope you’re ready! Ok, so maybe your not ready for traditional archery.. that’s fine too because we cover the modern age as well. How does a modern longbow that’s cut to center excite your appetite?

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