Bowtech Carbon Overdrive Review

Bowtech Carbon Overdrive Review

Hot off the bow press for 2014 is the Bowtech Carbon Overdrive. The dual cam system has been engineered for accuracy and precision while maintaining a quality feel with the new carbon riser. But how does the Overdrive compare to…

infinite edge 3 pin apex sight

Diamond Infinite Edge Review

A spectacular entry level bow that would be a great fit for any bowman. The Diamond Infinite Edge will fit youths, women, and even full grown men like a glove. The wide range of adjustability makes this bow accessible to…

Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr. Compound Archery Set

Youth Compound Bow Review

With so many different compound bows for children and teenagers it can be difficult to decide on a bow for your young one. Whether you want to introduce your child to bows for hunting or for an excuse to get…

Bear Archery Finesse

Best Compound Bows for Women

Time and time again I find compound bows that are targeted at women, but in truth the bow turns out to be a mediocre youth bow. In a sport dominated by men it can be difficult to find compound bows…

Monster Chill R grip

Mathews Monster Chill R Review

2014 brings a new offering from Mathews archery, the second bow in their successful McPherson Monster series. The Monster Chill R compound bow boasts innovative features designed for ultra smooth shooting in the wild. With a longer overall length, a…

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Agenda 6 Review

I for one have always liked what Bear Archery and Fred Bear have stood for. Over the years they have built quality bows that you could be proud to own. Last year, Bear unveiled the Motive 6 which was a…

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Carbon Spyder Turbo: Review

I don’t think you’re ready for this bow, the feint of heart should just leave now; still here? Alright I guess you’re ready, but man you better sit down for this one. Because today we are reviewing the Hoyt Carbon…

BowTech RPM 360 Review

BowTech RPM 360 Review

Bowtech’s latest premium bow for 2014 is their fastest shooter yet, but with the added speed have they made compromises to other aspects of the bow? Is the Bowtech RPM 360 the best bow for your money? The Speed: As…

PSE Compound bow Cam


In 2013 PSE revealed the DNA compound bow, a bow that was quite popular, but not without faults. The original DNA suffered from a draw cycle that was anything, but smooth. The Wall on the DNA was also not up…

Best Compound Bow

Search through our reviews to find out which is the best bow out on the market today. Whether you are into 3d target shooting or compound bow hunting, chances are that you want to use the best possible equipment in the field. We decided to create a bow review section because we were tired of spending hours searching for the best bow. With so many different bows and bow makers on the market it can be difficult to narrow down the best bow suited for your needs. Our compound bow reviews take all the guess work out of the equation so that you can start shooting sooner. We meticulously inspect top brands such as Hoyt bows, PSE, Mathews bows, Bear Archery, and so many more. At Bowmanship we do our best to make sure each bow is reviewed accurately and fair, without being biased towards any one brand. We weigh out the pros and cons of each bow to ensure that you are well informed. Things you might want to look for a in new compound bow should be..

Make sure any compound bows for sale has a butter smooth draw. When you’ve been shooting all day or go to take down that buck you’ve waited for all morning, you want to be sure a hiccup in the draw wont cause any issues. When you pull back on the bow string you shouldn’t feel any hump or tension that you need to overcome to reach your full draw length. Two things that can make or break the draw factor of a bow are the wall and valley. These two aspects are directly affected by the cams of the bow. If your bow has a short valley and a squishy back wall, you’re going to have a bad time. Why? Because you will spend your whole day struggling to keep the bow from releasing the arrow before you are ready. If you have a strong wall and a forgiving valley, letting slight tension off the string wont result in the bow yanking your arm out of the socket.

In the bow industry today we all know that speed sells. Most bowyers today use the International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) standard to test the speed of their bows. What does this mean? It means no tom foolery from the bow manufacturer who might try to pull a fast one. Instead they must all use the same standards the IBO set. The standards a bow must be tested at are a 30″ draw length, 70# draw weight, and a 350 grain arrow. Now that you know how the IBO rating works you might be wondering, how fast should my bow shoot? Well, most speed bows shoot at or above 340 fps. Generally the bow is on the slower side if it shoots at or below 320 feet per second.

You might not have put much thought into it, but the grip can play a vital role in how well you will shoot. A grip that feels awkward in the hand might cause you to torque the bow which will produce inaccuracy’s in your shot placement. I’ve always had grips that just made me not want to shoot the bow. If you are practicing for long periods of time an uncomfortable grip could potentially ruin the enjoyment you might get out of shooting.

DUH? If it doesn’t shoot straight whats the point? Obviously we’re all looking for a bow that will allow us to group our shots right in the money spot time and time again.

These are just some of the things you should look for when buying a new bow. We want you to have the most enjoyment in the sport of archery and bow hunting. If you are on a budget or are looking for a premium flag ship bow, our goal is to help you find the best compound bow for the money. It can be daunting finding a new bow that you can trust to work properly and accurately. As always, if you have a particular bow review you would like us to tackle be sure to send us a comment through our contact form and we will do our best to give it a go at our local indoor archery range.

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