mongolian archer on horseback

The World is not enough: The story of the Mongolian Recurve bow

Some people call it the most powerful bow ever made. It was rumored to be able to shoot over 300 feet. It is the bow that enable Genghis Khan to create an empire spanning over 12 million square miles (or…

disassembled bow

Take Down Recurve Bow

Take-down Bows Bring up New Levels of Individuality You’ve decided that archery is your thing and a recurve is your bow. The next thing to determine is whether you want a bow that can be taken down or left in…

hunter scouting with a bow

Recurve Bow Hunting

Out of all the choices for hunting weapons why choose a recurve bow? In general, most people will tell you a recurve bow lacks the range and mechanical accuracy of a rifle or a compound bow. In fact, if you…

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